Luc Jackson:

Luc Jackson, Jax's oldest child, is a Secondary School Principal at Riverside Christian Schools in Riverside, CA.  Luc has spent a lot of time overseas and his life's passion is The Great Commission.  Luc is devoted to RMM's work as he's personally witnessed the power of the ministry throughout his life.  He's met countless people impacted by his Dad's work and he wants to see RMM's resourcing potential reach the next level.

Luc enjoys spending time at the beach and reading a good book.  His favorite moments are spent with his wife and daughters.  

Kirsten Jackson
Product Development

Kirsten Jackson, Luc's better half, is a teacher and Mommy of two.  Kirsten is passionate about RMM as she loves seeing the importance of the Biblical storyline in the lives of young people.  With her background in elementary education Kirsten has a desire to see further RMM materials developed for younger ages.

Kirsten loves playing games and using her creativity to help create teacher resources.  

Betsy Jackson

Betsy Jackson is the wife of the late Bill 'Jax' Jackson, founder of RMM.  She is 'all in' with RMM because she believes in the work her husband spent over thirty years of his life on.  Her passion, like his, is to equip and resource the Church for the work of The Great Commission.  

When she's not at work she enjoys riding her recumbent trike at the beach with her friends or playing in the splash pool with her grand-babies. 

Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott is employed part-time at Inland Vineyard, his local church community and is currently working full-time on his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He is excited to be working with RMM and using his gifting to help  further its reach. 

In his spare time Tim enjoys learning new languages and relaxing with his wife.